Bain Capital Private Equity's primary objective is to grow and build great companies. We provide capital and experience to help companies in all phases of development achieve their full potential, and our track record has included many successful start-ups, turnarounds and carve-outs from larger corporate partners. Our strategy is based on five key elements: high quality people, vertical expertise, value-added support, global integration and aligned incentives.

Our companies have grown their revenues by more than $105 billion globally since our investment. We help companies improve their competitive position by expanding into new products and markets, growing productivity and strengthening their organizations. Ultimately, we believe our growth-oriented model, results in stronger companies that employ the best people, are socially responsible, and deliver strong returns over the long-term.

Key Elements of Bain Capital Private Equity's Approach
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  • Value-Added Support
    Our people work in partnership with exceptional management teams and apply capital, vision and strategic resources to help build and strengthen the companies in which we invest.  We provide critical support at every stage of their growth, including strategic assistance in prioritizing available growth opportunities; capital and expertise to execute on these opportunities; and operating experience and resources as companies transition to the next phase of growth.
  • Integrated Global Investment Approach
    We have a strong global footprint but we operate as one firm. Our private equity operations are managed as a globally integrated enterprise across eight offices on three continents including Boston, New York, London, Munich, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Mumbai. Bain Capital affiliates also have offices in Chicago, Palo Alto, Melbourne and Dublin. The globalization of our team evolved in response to the needs of companies in which we have invested.  In today’s environment, where companies increasingly need to identify and execute opportunities on a global scale, our ability to leverage a fully integrated global team represents a significant advantage.
  • High Quality People
    Successful execution of our value-added strategy depends on our ability to attract and retain the best people. We’ve built a truly global network of talented individuals who have demonstrated exceptional ability in sourcing, assessing, financing, negotiating, structuring and adding value to investments.  Our consulting heritage remains at the core of what we do: over 80% of our senior team has strategic, consulting and/or operating backgrounds.  Bain Capital is recognized by investors, management teams, and industry participants as one of the best-in-class, with highest standards of integrity.
  • Aligned Incentives
    Bain Capital professionals as a group are the largest investor in every fund it raises, creating significant alignment with investors and management in the success of each investment.
  • Vertical Expertise
    Bain Capital Private Equity brings extensive experience and resources to help management teams assess and capitalize on business opportunities.  Since 1984, we have developed in-depth knowledge, experience and robust networks through over 280 investments across 5 core industry groups: Consumer, Retail & Dining, Industrial & Energy, Healthcare, Technology, Media &Telecom, and Financial & Business Services.  Organizing senior resources around these key industry groups has allowed Bain Capital Private Equity to develop deep sector experience and expertise that can be leveraged to benefit our portfolio companies.