Bain Capital Private Equity has built a global network of highly trained team members, most with consulting or operating experience, who are committed to partnering with management teams to help drive the success of our portfolio companies.  The strength and depth of our team allows the firm to pursue investments with great flexibility, moving aggressively into attractive opportunities and capitalizing on changes in the global economic landscape.

Shintaro Hori Senior Advisor Focus: Consumer, Retail & Dining; Healthcare Tokyo


Mr. Hori joined Bain Capital in 2007. Prior to joining Bain Capital, he was a Partner and Chairman at Bain & Company Japan, where he worked for 16 years, serving numerous clients from around the world, including major global firms in the U.S., Europe, Korea and Japan. His consulting experience and expertise encompass an extensive range of industries and skill areas. Mr. Hori was also responsible for the Korean practice and a member of Bain & Company's WW Management Committee during his tenure. Mr. Hori was an Executive Vice President at Ueshima Coffee Company, one of Japan’s largest coffee and beverage firms, and a partner at McKinsey and Company. He also has multiple experiences in the turnaround of companies.


He obtained an MS from Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a BS from Waseda University.