Bain Capital Private Equity has built a global network of highly trained team members, most with consulting or operating experience, who are committed to partnering with management teams to help drive the success of our portfolio companies.  The strength and depth of our team allows the firm to pursue investments with great flexibility, moving aggressively into attractive opportunities and capitalizing on changes in the global economic landscape.

Stephen Dando Operating Partner London


Prior to joining Bain Capital, Mr. Dando was Chief Human Resources Officer at Thomson Reuters and a member of its group executive committee. He was responsible for overseeing the people and organisation aspects of the Thomson Reuters integration. Prior to this Mr. Dando was a Director, BBC People for five years and a member of the BBC’s Executive Board; he was also a Director of the BBC Pension Trust. During his time at Guinness and Diageo, Mr. Dando held numerous generalist and specialist HR roles including HR Director Europe, United Distillers & Vintners, Group Management Development Director, Diageo and Global HR Director, Guinness. His earlier career included manufacturing HR experience at Austin Rover and Ferranti.


Mr. Dando received an MBA from the University of Edinburgh. He received a BA from the University Of Strathclyde.